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UFRaw on Mac

Hi all,

I have installed GIMP on my Mac Snow Leopard (10.6.2) and am trying to read a raw CR2 image file put out by a Canon T1i 500d. When I first opened it it was very red, so I assumed that GIMP was not by default set up to read these files. I found out that I should be using a UFRaw plugin, and found that at, which for Mac says I should use Macports. So I did the following:

sudo port install ufraw

And it successfully installed that package, and typing "ufraw --version" gives me:

ufraw 0.16
EXIV2 0.18.2
JPEG enabled.
TIFF enabled.
FITS enabled.
ZIP enabled.

Now getting back into GIMP, I still have the same problem with a CR2 file. In GIMP, I looked at Help>Plugin Browser, and there was no mention in the list of plugins of a UFRaw. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, or how to get GIMP to recognize the UFRaw plugin. Can anyone help me to get this going correctly? That would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

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