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Double HSV Film Grain

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film-grain_beta_v.0.9.6.scm5.17 KB

Version 0.9.6

Just getting this up, so the description will be short for now. Double HSV Film Grain was originally a work-around that simulates Photoshop's film grain filter. It has become more than that, though. Simple to use, it has a few features that go beyond simple noise filters. There is the option to either compress the layers down to the original, or keep the three separate working layers to be manipulated individually. There is also an option to limit the working layers to just two noise layers.

Still testing it for bugs, so any input would be appreciated.

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Interesting script but there is a poor realization. Scheme code is too linear. Especially the "leveled" layer...
You have to build script which execute minimal procedures amount as possible. Now script is small and you able to deal with that points quickly. With better realization it would be good script.

Best regards

P.S. BTW you should add the GNU GPL license in script file. Not all text of course but header should be. Check other scripts to see how do it.

Thanks for the hints. This is actually my first script, as well as my first experience with LISP languages.

Well... This is normal for first script.)

best regards

P.S. TinyScheme not LISP actually.

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