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Puzzle script


I dont' know if someone already ask or did it. I couldn't find it either.

Imagine for a moment i would like to draw a icon set. Each icon would have the same background. Let's say 3 layers : 1 background, 2 icon, 3 secondary icon (or forground).

I f i do 50 icons, i have to put together the background, the icon and the secondary in layers and save it. Let's say if there is a problem with the background; the sum of actions in order to salvage it, is kind of huge.

I thaught about script but i'm not the Gimp script guy. I don't need an interface and such. Just a basic thing to edit by hand:

create transparent image
create new transparent layer
load image "xxx" into layer
create new layer
load image "zzz" and crop x1 y1 x2 y2 (or whatever copy a rectangular bloc from where i want).
(then i do this as many times as i need)
save file "yyyy"

It work the same for a theme : window frame etc... you have to make little "sprites", separate corners etc...

TIA (very much) for you help.

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