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Help changing colors

I have a gif file that I have merged to pictures to make one. Of course in different layers.

Issue: I need to take the color from the top picture and make it the color of the bottom outline.

I do I pick a color off a picture and then select part of another picture and make it the same color?

Take a look at the attached photo. I am trying to make the state outline the same color purple as the fire outline.


Helmet_Football_Logo.png937.8 KB

Use the colour picker to pickup the purple colour (as you say). Then take your 'Select by Colour' Tool and click the black outline. It should all become selected. Then drag the purple colour swatch (box) onto the selection, or use your 'Bucket Fill' tool.

Before you use Rob's suggestion below, set your Color tool threshold to around 100 (experiment within that range) to maximize the pixel selection on your state outline, otherwise you'll end up with a bunch of slightly off-black pixel "residue".

You didn't ask, but on a hunch, I also recommend that you use Colors - Curve on the state outline (on its own layer) to smooth out the jaggedness of the outline. Most users have better luck giving the outline a slight Gaussian blur (6px or so) before running Color - Curve.

On the curve grid that displays, try making a J shape in the middle of the grid (you'll see what I am talking about when you do this). Once that outline is close to being solid black, then Rob's instructions will work well. Don't forget to raise the threshold.

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