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Saving several layers

I need to be able to work on an image with several layers and then save the layers as is so I can work on them later when I have more time.
Problem is I don't know how to save the layers as is.
Each time I save the image Gimp forces me to flatten the image, merging all the layers.

I've downloaded script-fu and put it in my scripts file. Script-fu shows up on my menu bar when I open Gimp. When I go to file, there is no save all layers.
Help please D=

.xcf is GIMP's own file format. Everything about your image, including the layers, their sizes and positions and so forth are all preserved in an .xcf file. When you come back to it, everything will be the same. But obviously .xcf is no good for displaying the image on a webpage or in a document, so for that, as you already seem to be aware, you need to save a copy of the image with the desired file extension (.jpg, .tiff, etc etc). If you're producing a .jpg for example, don't work on the .jpg file - work on the .xcf file and when done, export (file > save a copy as) a .jpg file. This approach keeps all your hard work in tact. You do however lose the undo information for your current editing session on that image.

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