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Saving as .jpg?

when i save i get this message cant handle transperency? is that normal or wat can i do?

and its relly bad quality when i upload to tinypic?

help please thanks


See for a comparison of image file format features.

Some (many/most?) file upload sites change images in order to save storage space, e.g. by lowering the JPEG quality. But without a before/after example it is impossible to tell if this has happened to you.

...that when you save your image (as a .jpg), you get a message from GIMP telling you that .jpg files can't handle transparency. Is that it?

What has happened is: You've got transparent regions within your image, and when you told GIMP you wanted to save it as a .jpg file, it simply warned you of the fact that the .jpg file format doesn't support transparency. It wasn't a problem or failure of GIMP. How to fix your problem is: A) If you don't need transparent regions then get rid of them and save as .jpg or B) If you do need them, then save as a .png file (which does support transparency - but there are others - I won't list them so as not to mislead you if I'm wrong, but you can look them up on google). Remember also that GIMP allows you to save your image in more than one format. If it's a complex image, composed of layers, that you may want to come back to at another time - it's a good idea to save it as a GIMP file (.xcf) first, and then save a copy of the image as .jpg or .png or whatever you decide to use.

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