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Getting a photo from UFRaw to GIMP

So I can see my RAW images thanks to UFRaw but am having trouble then getting them into GIMP. Photos will not go into GIMP's main window.

Have tried:
From UFRaw: a drag and drop. Won't go
From GIMP: File/open/image I want. Which then opens UFRaw



When I open an image in UFRaw there is an icon of Wilber the Gimp mascot in the lower right hand corner. Pressing this button opens the image in The Gimp for me.

I haven't yet managed to use UFraw (.RAF file issues), but you have to save a RAW image as a jpg (or other compressed (or not) format) to view it in the gimp. UFraw is a program that allows you to control the way it converts the file, then will let you save it as a jpg (or TIFF or whatever you want) which you can open in the GIMP

There is probably a 'save as jpg' or 'export' button in UFraw (I'm basing that assumption on other RAW processors I've used).

Clicking the mascot in the UFRaw did actually work as suggested in the post above. I was quite pleased, perhaps it would work for you as well. Thanks for responding to my original post.

This worked, thanks!

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