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Stit-ch-art 2.0

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stitchart2.zip12.79 KB

The Stit-ch-art is a script-fu extension for the GIMP. Stit-ch-art creates a cross-stitching chart based on a given image. It applies the modified Madeira palette with 256 colors on the copy of the image, and then scans it pixel by pixel for color codes while generating black and white chart ready for printing (includes color legend from Madeira).

The attached zip-file contains the script stitchart.scm, readme.txt, and 2 palettes: madeira.gpl and madeira256.gpl.

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This script is great! One thing that might make it better would be to have it leave areas with 100% transparency empty though.


Someone pointed me to this thread from my questions here

I installed and tested this, can someone guide me. We are commercial embroidery company and looking for any open source alternative, To give you more idea what i am looking for, you can see format here

These are used in Embroidery and mainly DST format etc.

I've placed the script and palettes in the correct folders, re-started Gimp, refreshed the scripts etc. but it doesn't appear in any of the program menus (and I've checked them all). Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?



I had to reboot my computer this lunchtime and found that the plugin did appear in the menu thereafter. Weird!
I didn't find it in Script-Fu/Alchemy (as per the readme) but under Filters/Artistic. It works a treat!
Thanks for a great plugin.

Hi, Graham,

I'm glad you've found the solution; anyway, it was mentioned earlier in the thread. I should admit that the menu registration process seems having an issue, which I can't yet address. Obviously the line (script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-stitchart" "/Script-Fu/Alchemy") should be changed to contain some other menu location. I'm hearkening to anyone's suggestions.

Maybe another cool feature would let you have an option to actually colorize the squares with the desired target color. Saw a website that sells a chart generator and that's what it does. :)


OK; made an attempt at what I want. :)

That can be done, but I don't have a spare time for doing it right now. And I'm afraid that coloring will decrease readability of printed out charts. Just imagine a picture with, say, deep blue color, and how hard it will be to read black signs on it. In fact, I have a customer - my ex-wife ;-) - and I did exactly what she wants, in black and white.

I understand; that's cool. I also found a free online cross-stitch pattern creator that outputs either b/w or color and gives a PDF file. Not sure what stitch type they use. Anyway, I don't want to take away from your thread though, but if you don't mind, I'll post a link. :)

Cool. I've seen an opensource program that generates these but I like seeing this ported to GIMP too. Not a seamstress, nor do I even know how to sew (lol), but I'm sure some folk here will definitely appreciate the ability to create physical patterns that can be used for this purpose. Works great by the way, but had to figure out where the Script-fu was located at (under filters>Artistic). Thanks for sharing. :)

Wonder if you could keep it as a text layer so that the result can be ported to Word?

I don't think this is possible in a decent way (without a loss of quality).
I know, nextly you ask to export the chart as a web-page ;-), followed by a program for a sewing machine.
I don't ready. This is just a hobby.

What a great job!

I have made the "DMC Palette" for stitching pixelpainting - also: mini-pix and created the "Gimp-Stickpackung"
for the -

Thats what I have need - mandy thanks from Germany



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