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descreen.scm3.49 KB

Descreen is a script that does descreening using the FFT Fourier plugin ( )

This script does descreening without blurring the image.

It can descreen the following picture :

And gives the following picture :

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I would like a script doing the opposite to add screentones

I made a batch version when I had lots of 600dpi B/W scans with black half-tone (=gray) text backgrounds and OCR in Acrobat therefore didn't work in these sections.

Get it here:

Descreen works fine on win7 when applied to the whole image. But I have been unable to get it to work within a rectangular selection. Applying it to a selection causes the content of the selection to be completely messed up.

Is it supposed to work within a selection?

Also, the HELP button doesn't work so I don't know what the three controls mean.

There's a problem in that the descreen script assumes the FFT plugin sets the current ink color to the right value, but the current FFT implemenation doesn't.
Workaround: set your foreground color to mid gray = #808080 before invoking script.
Fix: alter script to add this line after "; Foreground color has been set by the FFT plugin to #808080"

(gimp-context-set-foreground '(128 128 128)) ; midgray 0x0808080

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