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I Need Help!!!!

i Anyone,

I have just started using Gimp (1 day) and have somehow lost half of the left hand side toolbar, How do i get it back???
secondly i cant get the healing tool to work, i comes up with a cross when i go to the picture. Is there additional material i have to down load forthis to work properly??

Thankyou in advance to all help.


Toolbars can be brought back if you have accidentally closed them from the "Windows/Dockable Dialogs" menu. If you've just closed it recently, it will probably be under the "Windows/Recently Closed Docks" menu.

As for the healing brush, it probably needs you to select a region for reference. Hold down the Ctrl/Apple key and click on a region similar to the one which you want to heal. after that you can use it as a normal brush, albeit one that heals blemishes.

Happy GIMPing

Thanks for the info camo but i cant get the box to stay open like it used to, seeing as i am a begginer i have been following the tutorials to a T and now i have to look for stuff.....aaarrrrgggghhhh.
As for the healing tool, I have tried your suggestion but it still isn't working!! it comes up with a circle with a line through it. Any Ideas????

When using the healing tool, you first have to select an area you want to heal (clone) from by selecting a spot on the image with the mouse pressing the CTRL key, which then sends a selection to the clipboard. Once you do that, the circle with the line through it should be gone.

Keep in mind you have to be on a layer that has the area of color you want to use in order for it to work correctly.

Thanks to both of you and i'll let you know how i go when i try it out.

Once again thankyou and i'm sure i will have plenty of questions as i learn!!!


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