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Batch Changes: combining images

I'm a complete novice when it comes to scripting. I understand what it is but have never done any myself so please keep that in mind with this question.

I have about 900 images to create using an existing set of background images with images to be overlaid. Essentially I am looking for a script that will do the following sequence of commands

*source files*
directory A
directory B
Open background1
Open overlay1
select all content overlay1
copy selected content
toggle to background1
paste overlay one to position x=0, y=0 (center, most programs seem to tend toward the position by default)
save file as overlay1b.jpg
loop with overlayn+1
end at overlay300

I looked at the batch process plugin, but it lacks a function that could achieve this for me. I had also thought about simply copying each background image 300 times and bulk renaming them to the appropriate file names allowing for a 1:1 ratio of source images but wasn't sure if that would be necessary. If anyone can help, I would be extremely grateful.


Are the overlay files png with transparency?

-Rob A>

No, the source images are both in jpeg format.

Then how can it be used as an overlay? Doesn't it block out the image below?

-Rob A>

Sorry I should have been more precise. I have a 3 inch by 3 inch graphic that I am pasting in to the center of an 11inch wide by 8 in high background graphic. Now i'm simply curious if it is possible, I've done the manually already but if anyone has input on if this is possible that'd be great.

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