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Face Detection Plugin

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This plugin detects faces in an input image, based on the example of the OpenCV wiki:

Unzip the folder and type "make", you need the libcv-dev packet to compile the source code.
You will find the plugin then under Filters -> Generic -> Face Detection CV.

If you like it, hug someone.


Update1: Unlike in the preview, the source image will be unchanged in the final pass, the faces will be shown then as selections.
Update2: min_neighbors is 3 instead of 2

At the moment this plugin is just an early preview for testing purposes. Have fun playing.
A CLI version of this plugin is available here:
And also a version which does face recognition:

elsamuko-facedetect-cv.zip109.09 KB
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I am trying make this plugin accessible from script. If I call it from script, the resulting image gets a black box in place of the selection rectangle shape.

I just need some hints on how to return the selection coordinates, so I can use functions like gimp-selection-save to extract the face(s).

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