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How to save file from script

First, my apologies for the length of this, and my thanks in advance for your help...

I'm creating a photobooth program that will take 3 photos from a webcam, arrange them into a photostrip, and print and save the final photostrip. And then do it again, and again... I don't have the image capture part figured out yet, so I began with writing a script (which I attached, although it depends on the files being there to run).

So this part works: I can open gimp, run this script from the menu, and it will create the photostrip, which has 2 rows of the three images and some text at the bottom.

The issue is that I now need the command to save the file (and each time it runs, it needs to save it as a unique filename) and to print the image. I have tried everything I can think of and I cannot get these steps to work!

Thanks so much.


I would think is a bit "heavy" for this task. have you considered using ImageMagick

It can perform the image sizing, compositing and text addition with just a few lines batch file lines, once you have acquired the images from the camera.

If you are using windows you can use it to convert to ps then call gsprint to print out the postscript file.

-Rob A>

gimp_file_save ()

Your attachment is missing.

RobA is right, consider other ways to do it before scripting Gimp.

I really doubt that you'd be able to incorperate all the functionality you want via GIMP scripting. I mean, communicating with a webcam probably requires some additional API that may not be supported by the GIMP scripting engine.

Why try to achieve all this with GIMP when there are other environments that are better suited to the project? Perhaps C# or VB.NET?

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