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What is a PF_COLOR?

Hey every1.

First I'd just like to say thanks to all whove given me any pointers over the last week or so ;)

Anyway, my new question is with regards to the PF_COLOR data type. Could I just get an example of a valid argument for this type of parameter?

I was thinking I might be able to pass a hex style color code, like "FF0000", but this didnt quite work. What exactly would one pass as an argument for a PF_COLOR parameter?

Thanks again all ^_^

(PF_COLOR, "pf_color", _("Color"), (100,100,100)), #gimpcolor.RGB

Thanks mate, the (R,G,B) was exactly what I needed =]

Just to take this one step further, does this mean that PF_COLOR is actually an integer array with 3 elements?

Does this also mean, one can pass an array argument using GIMP by specifying each element seperated by a comma contained within brackets?

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