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Whats the difference between a plugin, a script and a module?

Hey all. Whats the dif between a plugin, script and a module?

As far as I can tell, a module is something that enhances / extends the functionality of gimp, such as adding support for a new scripting language (PyGimp). But I still can't quite comprehend the difference between a plugin and a script. I mean technically, plugins are written using scripting languages lol so its kinda hard 2 differentiate between the two at a glance.

Any help is much appreciated. Cheers

The only scripts are scheme (tiny-fu). The filename ends in .scm and they go in the scripts folder.

Plugins are stand alone executables called from gimp that access the internal api and pdb. They are normally either compiled C, or python. There have historically also been perl plugins as well.

Not sure what a module technically would be within this context.

-Rob A>

A GIMP module is derived from the GimpModule class:

Currently, the color selectors, input controllers and display filters are implemented as modules:


Is it possible to add a module without recompiling/relinking GIMP?

SO.... thinking about this, I recalled the autosave perl plugin:

If one wanted to implement this in C, would it be best done as a module, rather than a plugin?

-Rob A>

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