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Image Map - flickers/wrong position


I'm working on an image map and am having some trouble.

If someone has an extra moment, I'd appreciate your input, please.

It is supposed to show text in a popup box upon mouseover of various areas in the image.

And in fact, it basically is working sort of right, for the most part, showing the correct text when mouseovered an area.

but, if you are scrolled up, the popup message flickers a lot. if you scroll down just a little bit, it works fine. if you scroll too far down, then the text boxes appear and are still (no flicker) but in the wrong place (either below the image, or way too far down below).

That is how it is working in both FF and Chrome. IE just does weird things completely.

anyway, if anyone has a minute for a suggestion, that's sure great.

also, since it's my first time here, i'm afraid to post a link here, since that's not allowed in many forums. but if it would be allowed, just let me know, and i'm happy to share where it is, so you can check out the source.



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