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Sunny Landscape Script

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elsamuko-sunny-landscape.scm10.47 KB

This script changes a rainy landscape to a sunny one.
Copy it into the scripts folder from GIMP, you will find it then under Filters -> Light and Shadow -> Sunny Landscape:

If you like it, hug someone.


Update1: Added a desaturation layer and changed the hues to less obtrusive defaults.

For all scripts together, go here:

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very useful script ,thank Esamulko

Great script indeed. But I think it is too complex to use undo group. 8 Mpxl photo and script ate all my memory (2 Gb).

Sure Undo may eat a lot of memory but is expected for a script to always support Undo

Maybe will be possible add a option in the script to let the active layer unchanged and instead create new layer(s) or a new image

Because if the script create new layer(s) but without modify the rest of the image undo may even be seen as superfluous:
to undo would be just needed delete the new layer or the new image

But that should be also clear to the users, in case maybe something as a checkbox
"Create new layer-Skip undo history" would be sufficiently clear

Anyway i believe that would be against the rules for good scripts and plugin...the first requirement is that whatever is done should be undoable (and my personal interpretation that is what done is create a new layer or a new image, undo is not more strictly needed , may be not approved by others )

spoilt_exile i try here to be more synthetic
Since you know script fu should be easy for you remove the undo steps, but if you do i suggest to direct the script output to a new image

In that case Undo will be no more needed, since delete the new image will be a exact equivalent of Undo
(just the users would have to go trough the pop-out warning about deleting unsaved images )

That sound as a reasonable exception to a principle that can't be ignored;
any script or plugin that modify the active image should support Undo

I always knew what Undo support is very complex :-)
>>any script or plugin that modify the active image should support Undo
I agree, but for complex scripts optional undo will be very useful. IMHO.

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