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Resynthesizer, GIMP 2.6.8

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I'm having problems with the resynthesizer plug-in. I have ran the resynthesizer.14 AND 16 and both are not working, a pop-up comes up. Saying that it failed to start because intl.dll was not found. I have not removed anything from the installed files.

I uploaded a picture of the pop-up below.

Thanks. :)

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The resynthesizer package has many parts including:
smart-remove-selection.scm a script file
resynthesizer.exe an executable binary file written in C
and other script files for example smart-enlarge.scm

(This is my recollection, the names could be wrong.)

They are all plugins. But the script plugins call the binary plugin. The executable plugin resynthesizer can also be invoked from GIMP Filters/Map/Resynthesizer, and then it shows many more parameters in it dialog.

Your problem might be that the resynthesizer.exe was not installed or not executable.
See if you have Filters/Map/Resynthesizer.

I thought I had the version .16 binary, but apparently not. Thanks for pointing it out.

Even though I downloaded the binary, it still throws an error with the smart-remove.scm downloaded from the website mentioned in Germaine's comment:

Execution error for 'Heal selection':
Error: Invalid number of arguments for plug-in-resynthesizer (expected 13 but received 11)

However, if I use the file that Schumaml includes with the binary, it works fine.

Im new in this forum.
I have the same problem, I recieve that messange.
do you know what can I do to fix it?
Thank you

Switch to the newer more improved version:

Today, after having the newer .16 binary uploaded the last few days, all my selections were being resynthesized to a blue sky color. Several attempts at resetting version .16 failed (uninstalling - reinstalling), the same was done with the smart-remove.scm file and nothing seemed to get it stop filling selections with sky blue color. So, I replaced Resynthesizer with what I originally had before (.13b) and now its working again.

There is no indication of what caused this to happen, but it seemed to be stuck on a previous selection that was resynthesized last night. I had no idea what else to do to get it working again so I reverted back to .13b and all seems well.

If anyone has any ideas about what caused that to happen, let me know.

Please clarify. Has someone recompiled resynthesizer 0.16 for windows? The date I see on the last upload to this site was several years ago.

Has anything else changed? Using Windows 7? A newer GIMP?

There is another report on this site that the resynthesizer package for Ubuntu doesn't work.

I know there is a mistake in the resynthesizer call to register(). It declares parameter 7 as GINT but it should be a GLAYER. This is the parameter that passes the layer that is the source of texture. (If you try to call resynthesizer from a Python plugin and pass a layer, it complains about the type of parameter 7.) I don't know that this mistake is a bug, it hasn't seem to and might still not affect the functioning. But it is conceivable that it now is a bug, for example if GIMP or the resynthesizer are now compiled for 64-bits. This is just a reasoned guess.

Before, I had .13b loaded on this Win 7 machine, using GIMP 2.6.8, then someone posted in this same thread (see above posts made by me) and referred to (which is compiled for Windows, not sure its for 64 bit) It worked for a few days then seemed to be stuck on resynthesizing a previous selected area ( I had selected birds in a sky in a previous picture with blue color). So any new picture, regardless of where I selected, it would resynthesize to the same blue color as in my bird picture. It was like resynthesizer .16 was stuck with the clipboard selection.

After restoring my previous resynthesizer .13b, everything worked fine again.

Vielen Dank !


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