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Resynthesizer, GIMP 2.6.8

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I'm having problems with the resynthesizer plug-in. I have ran the resynthesizer.14 AND 16 and both are not working, a pop-up comes up. Saying that it failed to start because intl.dll was not found. I have not removed anything from the installed files.

I uploaded a picture of the pop-up below.

Thanks. :)

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I also have spent hours to get it correct working
downloading removing etc

I downloaded both, and the resnythesizer didn't work. It now pops up with "libgimp-2.0-0.dll was not found"

Sorry for all this trouble.

move the file on a gimp plugin folder, is not a installer you should not click on the file

Thank you so much. :) x

I downloaded and did what this site explained and got it working
replaced also the patched version of smart-remove.scm
scm files in the script folder

I don't know what OS you are using, but in my Windows (XP, Vista, or Win 7) systems, I need the patched file in order for Resynthesizer to work with heal selection (note the topic of this discussion found here:

Your post is misleading in that it somehow insinuates that the file found on this website is a better file to use than the patched file. That is not the case if you are using a Windows OS.

sorry if it was misleading I spent hours to get it working
installing removing installing again before I got it working

Use the windows binary at

Then you will not have to patch the script.

I tried to install the Resynthesizer plugin. I does not work. I can not find it in the plugin browser (Help). But when I go to Filters> Enhance, I see "Heal selection". When I use this, a message is popping up: Heal selection message. Error while executing sript-fu-smart-remove: Error: eval: unbound variable: plug-in-resynthesizer.

I use GIMP 2.6 for Windows with Windows 7. I tried the 0.16 version with of the plugin with the patch mentioned here.

I hope I have provided sufficient information to help me what to do now.


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