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Djvu Read plugin

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This is a plugin in the making , read has been rather shabbily implemented . Write has not yet been implemented.
The dependency is libdjvulibre & the other usual dependencies. It is built using the Gimp plugin template.

djvu_plugin_sources.tar.gz1.12 MB
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It works!
Opens one page of a document at once. It will be useful when it can save a modified document.

I am working on the write part , but caught up in exams , will put it up once i am done with them.

If can't read well the input and can't write a output... what this plugin may do ?
Or i misinterpreted your warning about read/write ?

Anyway is a plugin to open some kind of format or what ?

It's used for reading high resolution digital documents. Not sure if this uses compression or not. I'm guessing its used mostly for converting documents into readable form for iphones, etc.

Its a plugin to read/write the djvu document format , only the read part has been implemented yet . These links give more info on the format ,

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