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Facial Symmetry

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Most peoples faces are not symmetrical. This python plugin, allows you to easily create mirror images of a persons face. Just make a rectangular selection of the portion of the image you are interested in, and the plugin will do the rest. An example can be found on my website:

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I'd love to have some fun with this plug-in but I'm confused as to how to install it. I'm pretty computer illerate when it comes to programming. Most times I click on an attachment here and it downloads the file in a folder like way so I can simply drag it into my plug-ins folder in Gimp. When I click on your attachment it takes me to the actual script (words) for the plug-in. How do I put this into my Gimp if it doesn't come in it's own folder type thing?

Ok, so I do know what each of you are talking about but I can't seem download this .py file. When I click on the link it takes me to ....... .py.txt (ie, a bunch of words). Do I just copy and paste the words into my plug-ins folder? Do I need to make a new folder for them?
I've already got the Python libraries installed and they work great with my Gimp. I've been using a few Python plug-ins already. I just can't seem to be able to download in install this one.

Just copy and paste the entire page (**of words) to either notepad or gedit in Linux.
Save it as in the plugins folder then open that file in a file browser and in the properties tab when you right click the file you'll see a check box to make it executable.. Whallah! I'm not to sure about winblows, but it's how to do it in linux the simple way..

Except it doesn't work.. Oh well

And is not this time a windows-only problem, the problem is that for some reason the file has a added txt extension (again is not a problem of Download but of you may check looking the download url:

Anyway may be sufficent after download rename the file removing txt from the file name

I think this must be a problem with this site. I've deleted the file, and uploaded it again, but for some reason the site insists on appending a txt extension to the file name, despite the original not having one. Anyway, as several people have said, either save the file as, or remove the .txt from the end after you've downloaded it.

Well, or save the page as

Remember to set the executable flag on the file.

no idea what that means

if you use windows, nothing that matter

But if you use windows first you have to install the python libraries(search in the registry the python pack ) and after that you will have to reinstall gimp (see instrution in the python pack)

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