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lost brushes and back ground

i am not sure how to address this, while making a pattern i lost my brushes in the tool box as well as the back and foreground buttons, i uninstalled gimp, re-installed 2.7.8 or the latest and greatest and still do not have any brushes to use for my patterns, can someone please advise me, i was at one site that has brushes and a lot of them but it told me i had to install and download 5 different files and programs i did not want and when i tried to open the one that says 1100gimp brushes i was told that file is corrurpt and the exe files are virused,\

i like this program it is easy to use, better for me that adobe, or the other ones and i have up till today made just under 200 patterns, i really need the brushes and those tool box programs back and i cannot find out how i lost them,

thank you,

a very happy user, i am sure this is a simple fix


There is no GIMP 2.7.8, maybe you're referring to 2.6.8?

It would be strange to lose the brush and colors indicator areas of the toolbox when creating a pattern. Have you done anything special when saving the pattern?

The indicator areas can be enabled in GIMP's preferences.

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