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Simple Door Hanger Template script

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door hanger.scm1.53 KB

A simple script to generate a template for a Door Hanger. The template generated is at a 300dpi resolution and is 900X3000 pixels (ie 3 X10 inches when printed).

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I cannot find the menu item.

just updated the script to fix the location issues. you will now find it on the filters menu.

I pointed mine to <Image>/Filters/Generic/Door Hanger in the script register

But where should it be with its original location (/Xtns/Door Hanger)?
Probably somewhere in File > Create or as a template for a new image?

It didn't show in the plugin browser and I couldn't find it anywhere under the original location, so I changed it to a place I knew I could find it. Usually older <Toolbox> registered scripts ended up in my Filters list down toward the bottom.

Works great, Thanks!

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