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GIMP (Current Version) - .paa converter


I am new to the forum because I'm searching for an open-sourced image manipulation program, of which GIMP provides; however, I found that GIMP may not have a plugin I may need in the future for a project I am working on.

I'm not so sure if anyone's familiar with the game ArmA II. The game ArmA II has some file formats that is required for texturing. One of these interesting file formats is .paa. I have found a .paa converter but it is for Adobe Photoshop CS4. Adobe requires that I shell out for around $699 for it. *The whistling sounds of bombs dropping on a pile of US dollars*

I wanted to ask a few questions:

1. Is there anyone on the GIMP forum that is familiar with ArmA II?
2. If so, could you create a plugin for .paa and several other file formats that ArmA II hosts?

I know there are people out there who can't afford a $699 program at this time. If I became somewhat more wealthier than I am in this position, I may have bought Adobe Photoshop CS4 already. Still, contributing to the very efforts of would-be struggling modders, anyone who could create a converter for known ArmA II file formats would be doing them a BIG favor!

Let me know. Anyone interested, hit me at my email address: huscarles77 at to discuss the particulars.



edit: email address is slightly changed to remove further emailing by spambots.

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