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Shape It - Win32 binary

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A Windows binary of this plugin by Claes G Lindblad (, ported to 2.x by Victor Ramirez. Almost a "lost and found" plugin?
It bends a text or an image according to a shape.
Create the map on a new layer. Should be black and white for best results. Add an alpha channel to both layers.
PDF version of the tutorial by Claes included.

shapeit_win32.zip659.43 KB
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I cant get this to do anything. It goes through fine without a problem, but there is no change after the process is finished. I'm running 2.8, could that be the issue?

Looks cool. I've seen others that would like such a filter/plugin, so you will definitely get some praise from them too. Thanks for sharing. :)

Praise should go to Claes and Victor first. But I sometimes find "lost and found" plugins, that were not compiled for the latest versions of Gimp Windows, and deserved to be brought back to memory. This one is fine and fast.
A possible improvement would be to automatically add an alpha channel if a layer has none.

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