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Upload a picture

I've got an mac, not a pc. And i dont know how to upload a gimp picture, i tried do as this guy:
But it wont work! Could somebody please help me?


We should create a "How to upload images somewhere" tutorial in the style of the "How to draw a straight line with GIMP" tutorial: :)

May be very a very short tutorial as

1) export your image as jpg or png or for animated avatar/emoticon as gif
(here 2 or 3 illustrations, where is the export dialog
,..get result preview for optimize jpg file size,
preserve animation when saving as gif )
2) just upload it

Ingo made a how to page (under Documentation link, top right) for us to use for this purpose after I asked him if he would, I sent emails to both of you (Michael and PC) informing you of this. Maybe my email went to your spam folder, no idea.

No mails in the normal not in the spam folder

But i do not really see the point about explain how to upload images here, because on this side the only that may need to know how uploade image HERE are the plugin writers, that apparently already got how to
Then ( i believe ) we didn't want others posting images here .(too much attractive for spammers )

If is how to upload images in general, (and elsewhere ), we may well explain in the FAQ, but even then i don't feel to rewrote FAQ, (i may just add that on upload if missed):
there is already a lot of good gimp FAQ, on almost each Gimp side ...we may just chose the best " FAQ "and display the link with evidence, no need to reinvent the wheel

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