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Scite extended Lisp/Gimp-Scheme property file

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gimp_scm_cmds.txt16.93 KB

Helps with the viewing and editing of gimp scripts. The command section should be modified to accommodate your flavor of scheme.

--> Back up or rename the original
--> Save this file as
--> Then place this file in the Scite/Scintilla directory.

Have fun

N++ : gimp_scm_cmds.txt >> cntrl A -> cntrl C -> and pasted into Scheme's 'Function Word2' and then reload from disk to check highlight.

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GIMP Version: 
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Thanks for this ! Great job !

Just one (very) little thing : it seems that "SF-OPTION" doesn't "register" like the other ones (SF-TOGGLE, SF-ADJUSTMENT...)
I don't know if you see what I mean (sorry for my bad/poor English...)

I wonder if this works in other Scintilla editors like Notepad++?

You could use the built in user dialog in N++, seperate the commands into the different appropriate dialogs and build one manually using this file as a starting point. Or, the new N++ has a scheme language definition; the gimp specific commands could be entered into it. N++ -> Settings -> Style Configurator -> Scheme -> Function Word2

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