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Smart Sharpen Redux

Hello every one,

My PC had to be rebuilt and so i lost GIMP and all my Plug Ins.

I have re-installed GIMP and UFRaw but i also had a fantastic Plug In that included lots of very useful bits and bobs for dealing with photos but i cant remember what it was called!

Can any one point me in the right direction?



Ah ha i had a brain wave.

It was FX Foundry.

What directory under GIMP should i extract the files to?


for FX foundry and scm files in general "script"
Anything else in "plugin"

Ok - i have learnt my back up lesson! I had all my photos and files backed up but not much else.

All loaded up and sorted thank you


Create a back up folder on a thumb drive and save every script and plug-in you use, to it, so you don't lose them again.


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