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chisel.scm7.24 KB

I don't like the look of the existing beveling scripts so I wrote one up. It iterates shrinking selections to generate a bump map. It will use (in preferred order) the current selection, the alpha of the active layer, or the whole layer for the shape. The result is generated as a new layer set to hard light blend mode. It has:
- Inner and outer chisel/carve
- "Softness" parameter controls how hard/soft the heightmap bevel is
- "Effect Blur" parameter performs a post-bevel masked blur to make the chisel look more "puffy"
- Option to keep the bumpmap



-Rob A>

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it's like emboss effect in photoshop :)

YES. This is it. Exactly.

That is all.

What a gem! Thanks again, Rob!

Thank RobA

Btw you have many others scripts that will be worth upload here
As example this

I know the reasons why you didn't but at that time gimp 2.8 was believed to be soon available, now seems clear that will be not available before 2011

Had your original (believe you shared it with us at GIMPTalk a while back) which I use quite a lot Rob. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

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