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Detail enhancer.

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A simple detail enhancing/sharpening filter based on my simple bilateral code. It is essentialy a low precision version of the detail enhancement stage of some local tone mapping algorithms.

In non technical terms this is basically the anti surface blur. It takes a surface blur as a base layer, compares it with the original image and magnifies the differences. It brings out textures and makes skin look pretty horrible.

It will appear under:

Filters->Enhance->Enhance Details...

Windows version provided by Francois_C. Updated.

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seems a good idea
To avoid recompiling will just be sufficient add the dll in the zip

Thanks again!

I realised that by making a 1 line change I can get the effect of both plugins in 1 - a slider with surface blur at one end and crazy contrast enhancement at the other.

This also is a good idea..still a preview will improve a lot the usability of the plugin


After a command: ./configure
The message is deduced: config.status: WARNING: 'po/' seems to ignore the --datarootdir setting
At attempt to establish the compiled deb package (checkistall 1.6) :
dpkg: it was not possible to process parametre/home/den/detail_enhance/detail-enhance_1-1_i386.deb (- instal):
Rewriting attempt '/usr/local/share/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/ ' which also is in a package bilateral 0:1-1

Excuse for bad Englis

There were a couple of strings I forgot to change in the config scripts. I have just uploaded a new version that should install correctly.

Excuse, but the error repeats again

No problems compiling under Linux.
The error you are reporting seems to be a 'make install' error, or an error trying to make a .deb with checkinstall.
As the plugin uses standard default language files, the name of the (useless and empty) language file is which conflicts with that of 'simple-bilateral', using the same default templates.
So you cannot make a .deb with the language files. You need to remove them or rename them, but you'll have to alter the source.
As for me, under Kubuntu, I typed './configure CFLAGS=-s' (in a folder on the desktop)
Then 'make'
Then 'cd src', then 'strip bilateral-boost' for I'm a file size manic, then I copied bilateral-boost into my plug-ins folder.

Thanks you! All works! :)


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