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Detail enhancer.

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A simple detail enhancing/sharpening filter based on my simple bilateral code. It is essentialy a low precision version of the detail enhancement stage of some local tone mapping algorithms.

In non technical terms this is basically the anti surface blur. It takes a surface blur as a base layer, compares it with the original image and magnifies the differences. It brings out textures and makes skin look pretty horrible.

It will appear under:

Filters->Enhance->Enhance Details...

Windows version provided by Francois_C. Updated.

GIMP Version: 
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G'MIC has a very cool bilateral filter and I do Bilateral Grain Extract Overlay quite often to create an change layer which I set to Grain Merge to get an illustration like result (use to use Xero's Supersmooth filter, but like G'MIC's filter better). :)


EDIT 2011 07 27
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I am having problems. When I select an area it does fill it with totally wrong content. See: for a little video.

This same problem occurred with me when using the .16 version compiled for Windows (on either Vista or Win 7 OS), so I reverted back to .13 and it works fine.

Couldn't install this on Ubuntu 64 Karmic koala. Stopped after make install.


But... could the name be better? If the opposite of "surface" is "edge" and the the opposite of "blur" is "enhance", then isn't the opposite of "Surface Blur" equal to "Surface Enhance"? That is, "Enhance Details" might imply to nieve users that it enhances all details, even edges.

And since it is already under the menu "Enhance", could the name just be "Surface" so you get Enhance>Surface?

I am likely wrong, this is posted without too much research, or even trying your plugin.

An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing.

As I mentioned in a reply to Francois it is possible to get the functionality of detail enhancement and surface blur in one filter with a very small change to the code, in which case "surface contrast" might be a possibility.

You may download it from here, David:
and append it to your post (sorry, my FTP is down to the moment).
By the way, as for previews, maybe you should look at the sources of plugins by Marcor: they are fine and ...easy to compile under Windows;)
This one, for instance:

On my Vista machine, GIMP gives this error at start up, "This application has failed to start because libintl-8.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

GIMP proceeds to load but with the "bilateral-boost.exe" has stopped working prompt.

EDIT: I "borrowed" the libintl-8.dll from a Filter Forge plug-in and it's now working, perhaps you could include the .dll along with the zip file?

I did not include the DLL since it was not built by the project itself.

I'll include mine.

In my system, the dll is in /Documents and Settings/Francois/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins, like the plugin itself.

You can get the new archive including the dll here, David:



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