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how to make black & white photo 4 a drilling machine

Hi every one,

Some one told me that he works on a drilling machine. the machine drills wood to make 3d wooden faces like the ones in the following images

The machine reads black and white photos in the following way:
1- the black points are the deep parts of the 3d wooden face which the machine is going to make or hew.
2- gray points are the less deep parts that the machine may not drill or hew much.

3- white points are the parts that the machine may not drill or hew at all.

so he needs to convert the colored photos he has to be something similar to this photo
to get a result similar to the result explained in this photo

but unfortunately he do not know how to do that using gimp. I hope gimp experts will help me & him to do that.

Thanks in advance


You can read all about this technique in and its links.

Most colour pictures give horrible bumpmap results, under very carefully chosen studio lighting conditions it is possible to get more or less acceptable B&W pictures. But the best results are obtained by making a 3D face scan. is the cheapest way to make 3D face scans, but watch out. NEVER shine laser light into a person's eyes!

To do it safe, it's much better to make an alginate cast of a face and scan that. See

The other term used is "height field".

-Rob A>

There are techniques that can create depthmaps (which the image you shown is) from stereo pairs, but the subject is a little above my head. Try to do a search on depthmaps for more info. :)

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