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GAP object crash out of a wall


I read lots of blogs on here did a lot of suggestions yet GAP doesn't show up on my GIMP 2.6. Downloaded GAP from photocomix, and others. with no luck... For example trying to us a tutorial select , menu, image, video and here is where I get lost I do not have video here at all. There is a new option in filters (video index and split video) but no video/duplicate frames option. I guess I need this to take my file (name)-00001.xcf to make copies to get my image to animate. All my files that I guess I need are in the gimp folder I restarted the computer. Read all the read me's so

How do I get Gimp-GAP to work or where do I find the Video/duplicate option?

OK not sure how but I got it to work now I just have to learn how to make a object crash out of a wall. Can anyone help with that?


a bit of order

1 do you use windows ?

you installed 1 version of gap only or you tried to install several without deleting the previous ?

I'm good GAP is in now I just have to figure out how to use it.

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