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Drupal 6 Update

A new major version of the content-management-system of this site has been installed (Drupal 6.15, to be exact). This should result in a smoother, more performant site and also fix a few (rare) bugs.

While I have tried to test everything, if you notice anything has changed for the worse or does not work anymore, please let me know in the comments!

Also, some defaults may have changed. If you do not like this, let me know, too.


Something wrong with new lines. Is <br> supported?

You're right, there was a problem. "br" is not necessary, but line-breaks should be converted automatically -- and, somehow, the filter for that was lost. I have now added it again.

Mmm... I don't notice any effect. Lines still merging. Please, do something.

What exactly are you trying to do? The way the filter works is like this: Every newline character that you type is turned into a <br>, every completely blank line that you leave is turned into a <p>.

You cannot enter <b> and <p> directly.

Works for me...

>Works for me...
But doesn't work here (for example):
>You cannot enter and

I try to insert with rich-text editor and source editing. In rich-text preview it working (new line). After I press Prewiev and get no-break space instead (in source view).
Also I paste text directly from text editor (Kate). After I get only

I don't know what to do with this.

Rich format doesn't require tags. It should be automatic.

When I press enter it automatically enters a blank line. 

My only thought is that Kate is probably including style formatting (just a hunch) only you can't see it unless you convert to HTML mode. I've had this problem pasting comments directly from a Wordpress blog editor. What I saw being pasted as text and what the result ended up being, were two different things. I am totally assuming that if text is copied and pasted from various editors, as is the case when posting instructions already drawn up, the editor may be adding its own styles to the text. One way I was able to defeat pasting hidden styles was to save my text to a notepad text file, thus stripping it of any styling.

>Rich format doesn't require tags. It should be automatic.
I know. But I tryed to break lines in rich text too (preview in richtext - fine => preview a hole post - messy with lines).
>Kate is probably including style formatting
It is impassible. Kate operate only with bare text. Only code highlighting.
My thought is that problem in support of a UNIX line symbol (or something like that).

New line editing finaly works! Thanks to administration for solving this problem.
Best regards.

Usually the new comments from all the categories show under the active forum topics on the right side pane. That list is no longer showing.

Also, is there a way to bypass the "preview" page when leaving comments, or make it so that the submit button shows along with preview? Most times I would say people are fairly confident that they can submit their comments without the need of the preview. :)

Ooops. Added the recent comments block back in. Dunno where that got lost.

Also, previews are now optional.

Thanks for restoring the recent comments and fixing the preview option.

The defaults for entering text in the comment box is rich text format with a real small font size 6 to 7ish (it posts at normal font size but displays really small when entering text). I changed it to heading 2 just so I could read the text, haha. 

Did you read Saul Goode's comment on code?


The size is odd -- it appears smallish but not that small on my screen, when compared to the default text. This might be something to do with the font used and I unfortunately can't track it right now. However, I never wanted tinymce enabled by default -- turns out that I had to disabled that by content-type and forgot. Now, tinymce is only enabled when you click on the link below the text area (and users can change the default in their account settings).

Regarding the code comment, I added a comment yesterday saying that "pre" is now allowed again.

Nice. Gotta check if anything related to tagging got any easier...

At the moment, everything related to tagging is as before. We could check out a few of the tagging-related modules to see how this could be improved (and it needs to...)

However, I would suggest setting up a separate Drupal instance for that, as the registry has already accumulated a lot of cruft while we were trying things out.

I don't know if it's on topic but two days ago I was still able to browse and download plugins, now I get on each attempt "page not found". I'm able to place this comment so my internet connection to looks healthy.

Hey, there was a module missing -- and it was one we never liked anyway, because the results were slightly wacky.

I added several completely new views in response to a forum post, however, so let me know if you like these.

I have already installed this new version. This is functioning well,and giving much better result. I was satisfied with the earlier version too. But after installing this I am very much satisfied. There has not been any malfunctioning or even a minor glitch.
Warm Regards...
Saptarshi Ghosh,

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