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Convert b/w scan to colorable Lineart

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scan2lineart.scm5.01 KB

Converts a black and white 'scan' -- or other linework without transparency, to a layer with transparency corresponding to white in original image and black to solidity, with intermediate brightnesses translating to intermediate levels of solidity of black.

In short -- converts white -> transparency, black -> solid, with full antialiasing. This is a one-step process, no choosing of parameters is needed.

Also locks the alpha of the lineart layer so that it's easy to color the lines.

You are then expected to do your coloring on layers beneath.

This is a more flexible lineart coloring system, as opposed to setting the lineart layer to multiply mode and coloring on the layers beneath -- that method prevents you from adding color to your lineart.

This method makes it easy to do so.

Written on behalf of everyone who has ever done a crappy coloring by painting on top of the original lineart layer and leaving smudges of uncolored gray and white, and even those who are doing so presently.
This script should make coloring a lot easier for you!

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all this does is make the photo transparent!!! this DOES NOT convert to line art!!!

This script is for removing scanned backgrounds of sketches, etc for coloring. It does not convert photographs into lineart. So the script title may appear a little misleading, but the script author does clearly explain what the script does, in his introduction.

After installing this script, I'm am not know what to do next, how to use this?

Once you scan your image and open it in GIMP, go to Layers - Transparency - Convert Scan to Lineart.

I hate to tell you this, but it sounds like The GIMP's "Color to Alpha" feature already does this. Unless your script does extra things like automatic equalization, it's rather pointless.

Just drop it to something like C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\scripts (it works in gimp 2.6 and 2.8) and then it does in one click from this

to this
Now, color to alpha from the same source, after adding an alpha channel, changing image mode to rgb and selecting white with select by color tool, does this
I'd say this script is a lifesaver, much appreciated.

Edit: the right path for script install is probably C:\Documents and Settings\-username-\.gimp-2.8\scripts ..well, the Program Files way worked for me though.

Have you actually physically tried to convert a scanned drawing into lineart?

Like PC said, its not cut and dried to accomplish that task, but this script works wonders (reduces the guesswork and eliminates the time factor).

I sketch and scan a majority of my graphics into GIMP and this is the script I use to convert all of my drawings into lineart. I'd recommend you try it if you haven't already done so.

i didn't try yet but from the descrition is not just duplicating that

to convert a scanner in editable lineart is needed

1 to be sure that image mode is in RGB, if not convert from greyscale (or index) to RGB
for bw images scanner output is often a image in greyscale mode

(not sure if the script does this )

2 add alpha channel if lacking)
the script should do it

3 Color to alpha would not do too well, would live usually white fringes or erode and/or delete part of lineart
this is even more difficult if in the original there are both very thin and thick lines, even worse if are also not black lines but lines in different grey tone and with different thickness (as from pencil sketch )
(not sure if and how the script deal with this )

So IF the script take care of that for sure speed up the process, and has not a build in equivalent

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