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Circular image.

I'm having a little trouble. I've cut an image, and placed it into a new backround. Which I then cropped, into a circle, with the image snug in the center. My question is, how can I save the image, so that it's simply a circlular picture? Instead of the circle, inside a colored, square backround.

Sorry if that was a bit confusing, but help would be much appreciated.


If you are using an existing image, and then combining with a different background, then using a circle/ellipse selection, first merge the two layers, then right click the image layer and select add alpha channel. Invert the circle/ellipse selection so that its got marching ants both around the circle selection and the border of the image. Press delete to remove the background. Select - none, save image as .png, and make sure "Save background layer" is unchecked.


Well, This is actually how I've been doing it. But for some odd reason, it doesn't seem to want to work. I've tried it over and over again, doing exactly what you've said above. A few times I saved as a GIF, just to see if it'd work (it didn't).

Any other ideas? settings that might be doing this, gimp or otherwise? I'll pretty much try anything at this point.

Try cutting from one image, and copy it, then paste it into a new image with a transparent background, then save as .png. Let me know what happens. You can't have layers for .png files because they will have to be merged, so try pasting directly onto a transparent background in a new image.

Also, verify on your channels dialog that an alpha channel exists.

I actually got the same results. Maybe some more information would help?

The reason the problem seems so odd to me is this: When I save, it seems as if I did it right. The picture looks fine, and I can save it into...let's say photobucket, and the image is just dandy. For some reason though, when I try to post it in a diffrent website, the backround is once again present.

Am I saving it as the right format, for what I'm trying to do? Or may it have something to do with the website?

Can you send me the link to the uploaded .png file via my user contact link. I want to test the file on my site.

Some websites convert the uploaded images.

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