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I'm looking for a Digital Camo script

Ok, You know that cool Camo plug that GIMP seems to come stock? it creats the old school style camo but not the new Digital Camo that the Army and Marines have recently switched over to.

This is a really difficult thing to draw by hand and it gets worse when spreading it over a rather large image 2048x2048 or larger.

I've been looking but can't seem to find it via google or any otehr method.

for a few speck, My machine is a Windows Vista and I'm now currently running GIMP 2.4.5 stock install.

Thank you...


Hi, I know this is not answering your query, but perhaps you might want to check the program POV-Ray, the freeware raytracer. It has amazing texturizing capabilities and comes with many examples, plus all the stuff you can find on the net. I myself have done in the past classic camo textures (with the bozo pigment option). It is cross-platform, albeit the OS X version has to be a patched unofficial one (megapov for os x), but both the Linux and Windows versions work wonderfully. You can then use a pixellation filtering to achieve the digital look.
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