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I have few thousands of images from our vendors. They are models wearing fashion clothing. I need to take only the clothes part of the images and discard the rest and make them transparent background. All the images has one color background but they are in different colors. Currently we perform the following steps manually and I need suggestion and help if there is a way to make them in batch or is there a way to process them manually faster.

1. We have script-fu run in batch to make images background transparent.
2. Load one by one each image into Gimps manullay
3. Via Free select took, we mark around the clothes
4. Click on Cntl I to get outside area
5. Ctl x to remove everything outside the marked clothes area
6. Export and save image into png format.
7. Run script-fu in batch to auto crop the image

I haven't figure out a way to make the step 3 via script-fu. Does anyone know if that even possible? If it is not, then is there a way to combine step 4-6 into one control key so reduce the key strokes and have faster way to finish these images? Is there a way to load all the images into Gimps at once then just do step 3 on each image and click on key to save them all?

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