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"Every author can only maintain her or his plug-ins"

Is it ok to let others work on my plugins? Such as a worker or am I the only one allowed.

For sure you may allow others to work on your plugin

Changed the wording, I hope that'll make it less ambiguous.

The documentation "3.5 Palettes Dialog" is out of date. The document under 3.5.2. Using the Palettes dialog has several sections that do not exist in the stated location within the program.

For example the sections: "Palette to gradient" and "Palette to Repeating Gradient" discuss how to transfer the palette to a gradient so that it can be used. But this instruction does not match what is in the program. These menu items do not exist in this location within the program.

So, how do I enable palettes so that I can use them while editing photos?

Thank you.

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