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A set of plugins and scripts for astronomical image processing

Not intended for scientific image processing, due to gimp's 8bit depth restriction (for "pretty pictures" only).


07.10.2012: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.8
02.09.2012: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.7
31.07.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.6
29.06.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.5
25.03.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.4


  • Align layers using center of brightness or 2D (fourier) cross correlation or gauss fit, subpixel-resolution, with de-rotation!
  • Merge layers using different mean values, including arithmetic/geometric mean, median, and arithmetic mean of x sigma around median.
  • Create a background gradient (artificial flat field) from a layer by fitting a 2D 4th order polynom through pivotal points. Cut out large bright nebulae to avoid wrong pivotal point values!
  • Star rounding: Round longish stars (due to tracking errors...)
  • Create an artificial galaxy. Only elliptical galaxies yet.
  • Create artificial stars: Using different star distributions, splitted into background, object and foreground stars. Examples:


  • Set mode for all layers
  • Set brightness / contrast for all layers
  • Normalize all layers
  • Subtract dark frame from each layer
  • Divide all layers by a flat field
  • Draw border with image information

Download latest sources or windows binaries from

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I have upgraded to 2.8 and sadly this plug-in no longer fully works, the gradient function, merge and align, all key functions have bad

Gimp 2.8 is supported now, as well as the newer gtk version.

This also requires the dev fourier library: libfftw3-dev.

Although the usage instructions notes fourier as a process, the installation guide doesn't mention it as a required library.

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