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Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet freezes in GIMP.

Whenever I open a photo editing program - whether it be GIMP or Cord Painter Essentials 4 (the program that came with my tablet), my cursor freezes. I am using a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet. It is selected as an input device in The GIMP (v. 2.6.8, the latest), though only the Pen and Eraser appear, and I'm not even sure mine even has an eraser (does the lowest-end one have one?). In a guide for setting up the tablet lineup for The GIMP, I read that there was supposed to be things like "Tip" and "Pan" in there. Both are set to screen, and I've tried Window, but it didn't work. It seemed to work earlier, but the mouse cursor and the tool were seperate; I had to move the mouse to select a new tool, but when I moved it back in to use the Pen, (it wouldn't work unless the mouse was within the window) the tool reverted back to Paintbrush. The pressure-sensitivity seems to work, but now the only program the tablet will actually work with is Paint. Everything else, it only works as a navigating tool - that is, any program other than an editing one. Actually, it works with an icon editing program called IcoFX, but nothing else.

Any help?

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