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BW Colorizer

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bw-colorizer.scm3.62 KB

This extension allows you to add dominants to your black and white (or colour) photos.
In the "Layer mask" mode the dominant is balanced with a mask, such that your whites remains whites.
The homepage is in Italian but you can see some screenshots and examples there. Please note also that the plugin is in English.



(I am the only owner of the above example photos, all rights reserved )

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I like your script, because it is easy to use, and the results are fine. You default dominant is beautiful too.
But I edited the menu location: I prefer /Colors. I know that script-fu authors say they don't want to overcrowd Gimp's menus, but when I'm editing an image, I don't need a 'script-fu' or a 'python-fu' or a G'mic filter or a binary plugin, I need a filter that fits my needs.

Thank you so much. I did not invent anything new however, I simply made more fast to apply a well-known method for adding dominants :)

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