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Fake HDR Look

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After reading the interesting article Fake HDR Look in Gimp I decided to write this script-fu in order to speed up the process.
The homepage of this script is written in italian, but you can see some screenshots and examples of the results (and the plugin is in english).

Dependencies: dodge and burn



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That Article is awesome, I tried doing the blend 3 images together thing. I didn't like it nearly as much as the results from that tutorial..

However. I may be an idiot, How to I put Scripts or Plug In's on gimp?

I am running Windows 64bit version. Gimp 2.8

Please help, I don't want to screw this up.

In FAQ & How To's follow "GIMP Add-ons: Types, Installation, & Management" and "How to Install Scripts and Plug-ins for GIMP - Beginners" links. Those articles pretty much cover it all.

I'm aready creating the script-fu for this awsome tut.

You can get it here :

On many pictures the effect is similar to a polarization filter. I think if it is slightly modified it could be used as digital polarization filter.

Great result with this script. But you have to solve dependence on "dodge and burn".

You could change the lines:

(if (= dodgeAndBurn 1)
(script-fu-dodge-burn theImage theLayer 10 25)

to be

(if (= dodgeAndBurn 1)
(if (defined? 'script-fu-dodge-burn)
(script-fu-dodge-burn theImage theLayer 10 25)
(gimp-message "Automated Dodge and Burn requires this script to be installed:\n")

Then it will only call that if the script is installed and the option is selected, and provide a message to the location if it is not installed.

-Rob A>

Or just include "dodge and burn" code (without script-fu-registration) into Fake HDR distribution by default. Is it possible?

I should check for it's license, I don't know. However probably I can do as you suggest spoilt_exile. These days I haven't much time, I'll try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you all very much for your appreciation.

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