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How to break up a closed path?

I have a complicated path that is closed and cannot for the life of me figure out how to cut the path between two anchors.

See attached hastily drawn picture. I'd like to break apart the path between the two highlighted anchors at the red arrow creating an open path. However if I select the path component and hit "backspace" the two anchors are removed and the next two anchors are still connected.

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You need to put your toolbox Paths tool options on edit, then using CTRL + Shift (it should show a - at the cursor), click anywhere on a line between two path nodes. If it leaves unwanted nodes behind, use CTRL + Shift to remove those nodes as well.

Thank you!

When I click on the mouse to delete the node I get a context menu instead of deleting the node.
I just found out, that hitting the backtab/delete button on the keyboard does the job.

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