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Another Bamboo Tablet Issue: everything works except sometimes I can't draw (XP & Vista)

This is quite weird. Everything works well with my bamboo tablet (both on XP and Vista) except sometimes I can't draw anymore. For example I select the pencil tool. The pointer changes (an arrow with a little pencil on the bottom right) but sometimes there's no circle under the arrow corresponding to the size of the pencil. I can move my pencil around but I just can't draw. If I then move my normal USB mouse (not the one that comes with the tablet), at once the pointer displays the little circle and I can draw. If I move again my pen it disappears again.

Sometimes it happens at Gimp 2.6.7 startup, sometimes it just stops working after some time (on my XP notebook I have no mouse, so it can't interfere with my pen, but I still get the same problem).

Usually restarting Gimp fixes the problem (at least temporarily) but it's not really fun.

Any idea of how to fix it in a more user friendly and long term way?


I'm having exatly the same problem, but with a different tablet. I managed to get it to work once by reinstalling Gimp, but today it's back to not working again not matter what I do to it. It's incredibly frustrating. Apparently Gimp was just not designed for people who use graphics tablets.

On my XP machine, I often need to reset GIMP to clear the tablet and pen issues but not often. Reset, not reboot.

I'm not having issues with my Bamboo pen and tablet on Linux, Vista, or Win 7, using GIMP 2.6.8.

Before you chalk this up as a total loss you might want to try upgrading to GIMP 2.6.8 first to see if that helps, it has worked for others.

The long term fix is to get someone using Microsoft Windows as a development environment to fix the GTK+ bug

I have the latest version of Gimp. Reinstalling it worked the first time, but didn't work again after that, although running Gimp as administrator does seem to do the trick.

I am having a simmilar problem. My Bamboo tablet works fine everywhere, and It was working in GIMP just fine for about 2 weeks. Now when I try to use it, it switches tools on me, and changes colors, and the cursor does not line up so I am drawing way off the mark on the screen. I really hope this gets fixed because that is the reason I wanted a tablet in the first place. Also I should add that my normal mouse still works fine in the program.

Hopefully this helps those of you having issues, it sure helped me and a few others: (this is a link)

I have the same issue, except mine is persistent. I can draw with my mouse, but my tablet pen will not draw unless I disable it in the input settings. I have tried reseting multiple times, I have checked my xorg.conf settings, I have logged out and in, and tried unplugging and replugging my tablet. I am unsure of what to look for to diagnose this issue.

P.S. I run Debian

Pleases for the love of all things sacred, someone fix this issue......

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