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I really need help!

So basically I have found some brushes on and I really want to put them on Gimp but I really don't know how. I've looked everywhere for tutorials and I'm confused. I even searched how to do it on youtube but it's to fast and confusing. Someone please help!


Just place the PS brush or GIMP brush into your brushes path. If you have XP, should be under \Documents and Settings\{your user account name}\.gimp-2.0 {might be named slightly different}\brushes

If you have Vista/Win7, shoudl be under \users\{your user account name}\.gimp-2.0\brushes

Note the dot in front of the name gimp in the directory name. Also, can't remember if this folder itself is hidden or not in XP (have Win7 now). Hope the info helps. :)

I just checked on my XP system and it doesn't show as being a hidden file.

I'm starting to wonder if the way we title our subject line on our posts has any bearing on how well the searches turn up information in the Registry. I'd like to test this somehow without adding a bunch of posts. So, I'll just type in existing subject lines and see.

People should be able to find this information quickly in a search, but I have tried multiple searches for various plug-ins and scripts and the results weren't very accurate.

Edit: Searches still not very accurate. I wonder why.

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