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Use the mouse scroll/wheel to zoom in GIMP 2.6.8?

I just switched to windows 7 from ubuntu, i may go back. I downloaded GIMP for my windows machine, and i couldnt your the "mouse wheel" (mine ison my laptop touchpad) to zoom. In ubuntu i could no problem. Any help?


You didn't mention whether or not you set your preferences for the wheel in Edit/Preferences/Input Devices/Input Controllers...

If not, you'll need to make the Mouse Wheel an active controller (if it isn't already) and set the event/action to:

scroll up/view-zoom-in
scroll down/view-zoom-out

Since you mentioned it's a touch pad on your laptop, does Edit/Preferences show any controller entries for the laptop? I use a wireless mouse with my laptop, so I have no idea what the controller entries are on my laptop.

yes i have done that, im sorry. also, my wheel doesnt work for any part of gimp. like i cant use it to scroll or anything, and i have set all those preferences.

Is there an actual wheel on your laptop touch pad? You might want to check the support site for your laptop (if you haven't already done so) and see if your drivers need updating or if there is a conflict with something else. Just a hunch.

If it works in Linux, though...

Have you tried searching this problem outside of the Registry? Because it could be something as simple as a system.ini setting, but since I have no idea what brand the laptop is, I can only guess.

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