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Demonstrate built-in GUI widgets for Gimp plugins written in Python

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demo-plugin-GUI.py5.11 KB

This plug-in is a demonstration for python programmers of Gimp plug-ins. It displays almost all the built-in GUI widgets for parameters to plugins. It shows what a plug-in dialog can be using what is built into PyGimp. An alternative to using what is built in, is to use a Python GUI library such as pygtk.

Motivation: the documentation seems sparse for PyGimp GUI widgets. This is example code.

It does nothing to Gimp images, it's not for users, just for beginning programmers.

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Sounds neat -- where should I look to find it in the menus? I believe I've looked at every menu and submenu now :-)

Installs itself in the menus at: Filters>Demo GUI widgets...

I should have said that in my post, then you would not have had to search.

that is a tool to help writing python plugin
what you would do with it if you don't know even that python plugin may be opened with a text editor, and that the registration path.that show the menu where the plugin would be installed is usually on the last lines of the script ?

Don't take me wrong, i don't know how to wrote a python code , but the registration path is not encrypted in a esoteric coding language but look as plain English

Anyway this plugin will do anything to your images, is to show the possibility offered by the graphic interface for python plugin

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