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misc issues

I have just introduced myself to the world of GIMP, after having yearned for and never being able to afford Photoshop.
[edit: removed question about plasma plugin. Found it through the plugin browser]
2. The list of plugins page doesn't seem to sort correctly at all. The first plugin shown, regardless of ascending or descending sort, is xMontyGIMP.
3. The "create author login" page doesn't work on IE 8 - the submit button is not visible. i used Firefox to finally create my login.
for 1 and 2, it may be that i'm not using the site correctly. Let me know if that's the case.

forgot to add: this warning appears at the top of the page for everything i do:
# user warning: Unknown column 'extra' in 'field list' query: SELECT cid, filter, style, status, scan, extra FROM spam_custom WHERE status != 0 ORDER BY weight ASC in /var/www/includes/ on line 174.



not sure of what you wish, login is strictly needed only to upload new plugin

to download or even post comment is not required

Try enabling the compatibility mode in IE8 - this is the broken page icon next to the refresh button. Doing so may properly display the page.

IE Outreach

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