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script-fu-shapes.scm5.98 KB

This script creates nice shapes in Gimp. The model is a layer/path it will be duplicated a few times and these copys will be moved and/or rotated.
The coolest effects can made with a spline (from a path). In the new version you can choose if you take a path or a layer. The interest here is, that you don't lose on quality.

So, here's a little guide:
1. Create a path and make it visible.
2. Start the scirpt (Filters/Shapes) and make your settings.
3. Go to paths dialog, right click -> Merge Visible Paths
4. Stroke the Path with default options

Here's an little exaple:

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I'll be giving this a try soon. Looks like a neat script.

A bit of a better "how it works" would be great.. I keep getting errors and can get it to do nothing.. I'll check back though because I like the concept except I don't understand how it works at all.


A bit of a visual to help you see how to get started.

Eventhough its your first script, it worked perfectly as instructed, i have googling around for different shapes, now this script solved my problem. Thanks alot.

I gave this script a try, creating a black star on a transparent layer over white background, ran the default settings. The script is still processing even as I type this.

Two things: 1) Either I do not clearly understand the purpose of this script and didn't use the proper settings, or 2) There is a flaw in the syntax that doesn't account for having an alpha channel layer over a solid layer but allows the script to run anyway causing this really long processing time.

It could be both 1) and 2). Could you please provide a little more details on the use of this script and perhaps add some examples of how you use it, otherwise it might become a dead end script for users who don't really understand its usefulness.


You may take right, the script is not as understandable as it should be. I wrote it compleatly new and gave it a little users manual.

I'm verry sorry for that, but it was my first script I ever wrote - so if you have more helpful suggestions or questions contact me.

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